5 Reasons to Use HD Cinema Video For Your Real Estate Listings

Reasons to Use HD Cinema Video For Your Real Estate Listings

When it comes to real estate marketing, realtors are always particular with their listings. It is because promoting the properties for sale are always challenging without comprehensive and appealing online listings available.

So, what techniques do realtors incorporate to make detailed and attractive listings? Most of the time, they employ real estate photography and videography companies to provide them the materials needed for their real estate marketing. These materials can be in the form of images or videos.

What is HD Cinema Video?

‘A picture speaks a thousand words.’ Yet, today’s technological advancements also highlight the power of videos in information dissemination. Studies even show that video is now more preferred content than images. It is one reason why real estate videography has been the buzz in the industry these days.

HD Cinema Video is one of the services offered by real estate photography and videography company. It is available for realtors who are looking for another way to fuel their listings online. Unlike the usual video shots, HD Cinema Video employs the principles of ‘Hollywood videography,’ which highlights the properties’ significant facilities.

With this service, there is an assurance of getting a high-quality video of your listing by utilizing the latest 4k cameras and stabilization technology. 

To help you decide whether it is time to upgrade your listings, here are five (5) reasons that will convince you to use HD Cinema Video.

Videos are more interactive than photos.

If you compare images and videos, there are not many differences since they are both compelling visuals. However, when you start looking into data about the audience’s interactions and related concepts, you will learn that videos are quite interactive compared to pictures. It is because videos can show more details of the property, which an image cannot.

It is a high-definition video with a touch of Hollywood videography.

Yes, that is right! We offer a high definition video with cinematic qualities (cinematography, art direction, photo coordination). In short, nothing is put into reel without a proper script and audio visualization. We always make sure that every shoot is done professionally by a team of experts.

It makes the listings more comprehensive.

Due to the pandemic, the ‘new normal’ in the real estate industry is demanding more online consultations than before, when clients still have the option to view a property in person (if he or she finds the details online insufficient). This gives realtors another reason to include video on their listings since it can create a tremendous impact on attracting potential buyers. It can help them showcase every detail of the property clearly and accurately. 

It is an indispensable tool.

Incorporating the idea of real estate videography is becoming an indispensable tool to augment the online presence of properties. If there is virtual staging for images, HD Cinema Video is the perfect one for videos. It is an excellent medium to use if you want to reach a broader and diverse audience.

It yields cost-effective marketing.

Many thought that producing a video is always costly. Well, that depends. If, in the long run, you can save more bucks in having promotional videos than the usual photos, isn’t it the right choice? Spending big in the beginning is not expensive anymore if it is intended for a long term plan. After all, a video stays as long as it is not taken down from the site. You can also use it for your company’s portfolio and other promotional materials.
There are still other reasons why you must consider using HD Cinema Video for your listings. Those listed above can help you make a well-informed decision based on your real estate marketing goals.

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