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Affordable Small Business and Web Hosting in Australia

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In today’s post our author Lucas Johnson covers some of Aussie Hosting’s hosts. For the last twenty years, Johnson has been reviewing and testing various servers throughout Australia to help people find the best quality info.

Today he wants to cover the top kinds of hosts for any new business looking to up their online footprint and make money via their website.

Business Hosting in Australia

Business hosting in the land down under is like anywhere else. You’ll need a quality host that isn’t absolute garbage, one that can get you results and stay connected all the time. What you need to look out for is downtime and uptime. Downtime is the amount of time a server spends “down” or unable to be accessed. Uptime is the amount of time a server is up and accesible by web visitors.

To any business a down website looks extremely unprofessional and also you’ll lose sales. Without a stable platform to operate your business on there is no possible way you’ll be able to maintain your business’s online integrity.

Ecommerce Hosting

Ecommerce sites also run into the same issue as small business hosting. You’ll need a web host that is stable and doesn’t go down rom time to time. A lot of newer online vendors tend to choose cheaper ecom solutions which I wouldn’t recommend.

It’s important to think that ecom businesses involve tons of images. Images are big and often require a lot more space on the server. More space = slower times. This is why getting a fast hosting company is imperative.

Shared Hosting

Now this is what i recommend for any Australian looking to get web hosting in either Sydney, Camberra or Melbourne. You will get a host that is not only fast but very reliable. It will also decrease the cost of the hosting by a significant amount as well.

Think of shared hosting like an apartment building. The building itself is the host with multiple units sharing the same area together. This is the same way that shared hosting works, people can share the space together instead of keeping the entire unit to themselves. It’s basically sharing for web resources.

Don’t Get a Cheap Host!

I advise anyone who is looking to get a website server to AVOID cheap hosting. In the end you’ll end up getting bad service and have to pay a ton of money in upsells and other modifications. If you ever have to shift your server elsewhere you’ll also be paying a ton for switching fees.

My Final Thoughts

Getting a new host should be something that you spend some time and energy considering. I wouldn’t suggest going for the first option that comes up. Take your time and do your research and make sure that you whatever host you use will be one that is great quality for you and your customers.

If anyone has a comment please drop it below and we can go from there. Thanks! Also thanks to Apprejections for letting us share this content.

Let’s Talk About Using Laser Christmas Lighting for Holidays

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Christmas is a time we all look forward to. It’s an opportunity to reunite with family and friends. You get to wind up your year in glitter and cheer. As usual, it’s accompanied by Christmas trees, gifts and plenty of food. More often than not, people fail to fulfill the tiniest details of a full Christmas experience.

We overlook the lighting factors when organizing our Christmas holidays. Xmas laser lights, like  Laser Firefly Effect, are a safe and magnificent way to light up your Christmas mood. These lights are bright enough to be viewed from miles away. They are perfect for your backyard or even indoors. Unlike regular lights, laser lights add to that ultimate and memorable Christmas holiday.

Advantages of Xmas Laser Lights

  1. Beautiful, Bright Colors

They come in different colors. You can choose to mix the colors up or go with your favorite. Xmas laser lights only need to charge a little bit before using them in your garden. The color is said to bring warmth to a house and so do laser lights to your unadorned garden.

  1. Easy to Install

Xmas laser lights come tied with strings to help you position them in your garden. You can choose the number of bulbs depending on the size of the plot. An interesting way to create a beautiful garden is by hanging them in shapes, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

It is tedious to climb the roof just to light up your house. With the sharp, bright features of the laser, you meet your lighting needs for a perfect Christmas experience.

  1. Excellent for Outdoors

Xmas laser lights are waterproof and ideally suited for the outdoors. You do not have to worry about lighting up your house during winter or wet conditions. The fitting strings attached to the lights allow you to wind them up with flowers in your garden.

  1. Safe to Use

We’ve heard of fire outbreaks over Christmas caused by faulty lights. Laser lights use high-quality metal parts compared to the regular lights. The electric thermostat ensures the temperature is safe and steady.example of laser lights

  1. A Long Lifespan

It’s very frustrating when your Christmas lights go off just in a matter of days. Laser lights have an extended lifespan and will serve you for as long as you need. The thermostat enables the lights to adjust a stable temperature condition. The usual bulbs, if used for prolonged periods heat up and eventually go off. It may not be safe especially when using them around young children. Aside from using this for Christmas, you may also use it for other house parties such as backyard movie nights, barbecue nights, etc.

  1. Remote Control

You can adjust the settings of your laser bulbs by remote control. Most Christmas lights have this feature, but laser ones can be controlled from as far as 60 feet away. The remote control helps you:

  • Switch to a different color.
  • Flash the lights on and off as you wish.
  • Adjust the time when to turn on and off.
  • You can randomly change the colors e.g. from blue to red, to green and back to blue.


Ensure proper installation of Xmas laser lights to avoid faults that would lead to disconnection or inefficiency. Follow the trend, light up your world and enjoy your Christmas holidays in style.

Things You Need to Know About Outdoor Projectors

best outdoor projectors

If you’re planning to use your indoor home theater equipment for outdoor purposes, you might want to think again. Although this may seem like the best and most cost-efficient thing to do, we would not recommend it to be done and here’s why.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Theater

The biggest factor that needs to addressed when comparing an indoor and outdoor home theater is the environment by which they are located in. Needless to say, home theaters that are situated indoors are more likely to be protected from lights and other environmental factors such as mist, humidity, dew, etc. Aside from this, some equipment, such as the projector, may have different throw radius for indoor and outdoor ones. Thus, outdoor theaters will require equipment that would fit the different and harsher environment. That being said, living room projectors, therefore, should not be used outside. 

When choosing a projector, several factors to be considered may involve their lumens, USB channels, weight, etc. To look deeper into the factors that you should consider, please read below.

Outdoor Projectors

  • Lighting and Contrast

Understandably, outdoor environment have a lot of factors affecting it and part of these factors are sources of lights. When it comes to setting up a home theater, you’d want your projection surface to appear black for a better contrast ratio as this is how they do it in legit cinemas.

For outdoor theaters, you’ll have to battle against the neighbor’s house lights, the stars, the moonlight, and even some streetlights. Hence, you’ll need a projector that is way brighter than the one that works well in your dimly-lit living room.

ideas for home theater


  • Lumens

Ideally, you’ll need a projector that is bright enough to show sharp and clear images even when not all lights are turned down. Instead of turning off all light sources surrounding you, and increasing the risk of your audience tripping over, get a projector with higher lumens instead. For references, a screen that measures 12×7 feet should ideally have at least 2300 lumens.

  • Air Filter

As you use your projector for harsher outdoor areas, the chances of your projector getting all clogged up in their air filters are super high. Just so you know, operating projectors with clogged or blocked filters will be hasten its life cycle. Hence, cleaning and maintenance should be done regularly especially if your outdoor theater is located in an area where it’s super dusty; otherwise, you’ll be facing a projector that shuts itself down in the middle of the movie.

  • Weight

Please don’t think that the higher the lumens are, the heavier the projector should be. Although that’s how it worked years and years ago, modern technology has made it possible for small, compact, lightweight projectors to have just as much power as the heavy ones. Outdoor projectors may weigh as light as 2 lbs and still have the right amount of lumens in it.

Bottom Line

A projector is one of the most essential equipment when setting up your personal cinema; without it, you won’t be able to project the movie itself.  It’s important to choose the right projector to be able to maximize its worth. You may want to check out for some ideas that may be useful for your backyard theater at home.